Motorised Sprayers are an invaluable tool in many applications and offer an efficient alternative to manual sprayers. One of the most common forms of pesticide application in conventional agriculture is the use of motorised sprayers. Consistent with all Husqvarna products, quality, durability, ergonomics and engineering take a lead role in the design and manufacture of products, where Husqvarna Sprayers are no exception.

Rugged, reliable and versatile

At Husqvarna, we believe that it’s not enough to simply create a product. Our objective is to introduce products that solve a problem and provide added value for end-users.  Husqvarna sprayers offers rugged durability, reduced downtime and the ability to satisfy a wide array of users and applications.  Husqvarna sprayers are powerful and have a large mixture tank making it well-suited to plant care work in Africa.