Husqvarna concrete core drilling systems and diamond drill bits

More holes drilled per working hour. That’s what makes a Husqvarna core drilling system your most profitable investment.

When developing and improving our drill motors, drill stands and diamond bits we look at the whole system, and at every part, to find ways to make skilled drill operators work even more efficiently and effortlessly.

Our best reward is when customers tell us how their new Husqvarna drilling system has helped them nearly double their production rate. However we’re not surprised. Whatever your demands are when it comes to core drilling, it’s the focus on productivity that makes a Husqvarna drilling system stand out.

Smart drilling accessories

Husqvarna offers a comprehensive range of smart accessories for efficient drilling, including the WT 15 water tank, various anchoring kits, dust and slurry collectors and much more. All accessories are developed together with our drill motors and equipment for quick and seamless interaction.

Efficient drill bits

Husqvarna drill bits are developed together with our drill motors to enable the highest production rates. The Diagrip™ technology ensures fast and smooth drilling in heavily reinforced concrete. Special drill bits for handheld drilling in dry conditions are also available.